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Let’s Get Personal!

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“Cray-Cray” Moments in Time

Have you ever had one of those holy sh*t, no effin’ way, I-can’t-believe-this-is-happening kind of moments that’s forever etched in your memory as something that you will never forget?  That’s what we’re talking about here, and I’m about to share a crazy moment in time.  I’d love to hear one of yours.

We got an up close and personal porn show!!!!

I’m going to tell you this story, and I know some people might not believe this, but I swear that this whole thing is 100% true.  Okay, picture this:

Honeymoon a few years back with my hubby.  Out on a secluded beach rumored to be nude friendly and shielded by an acacia forest with low-lying scrub and branches that suddenly give way to sand and ocean.  Did we go naked?  No.  Wish I could say I did.  Sadly, I was still too shy and innocent at that point (smirk).

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After playing in the water for a bit, we went back up to our blanket to rest, somewhat shielded by the greenery.  Here’s where it gets OMG.  We were resting and maybe getting a little playful (exaggerated wink), when I notice my hubby’s eyes looking over my shoulder (I’m lying on my side facing him).  He seems watchful. His eyes sort of go round.

I ask him, “What?”

Barely moving his lips, he says, “She’s starting to give him a blow job.”

At that point, I realize he’s talking about a couple who’d found their own stretch of secluded beach not too far from us.  “No way.  Really?” I start to turn my head.

“Don’t look!” he whispers quietly.

“Well, what are they doing?”

He gave me a blow-by-blow description, pun intended, of how the woman was watching my hubby watch her give her partner oral sex.  It was like she wanted to be watched while she did it!  Hearing the details from my hubby’s deep voice as he whispered in my ear worked its own brand of magic, and we soon ran off to our hotel room.

Share!  Share!  Share!  Entertain us with a crazy moment!