Let’s Get Personal!

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I was tagged with the task of reporting on 14 random things about myself, and thought, “Ah-ha! This could be a fun blog post.” I will share 14 random things about myself, and I extend the challenge for you to share at least one or two about yourself, if not five? We may even have randomness-es in common! Hmmmm.

  1. I love, love, love when I have a full tank of gas. It makes me want to jump on the hood of my car and shout “Freedom!”
  2. When I see big, open fields of grass, I just want to do a tumbling pass – reminds me of my youth as a gymnast.
  3. It drives me nuts to see kids driving and texting at the same time. They’re weaving all over the road trying to drive without hands or eyes. Grrrr. Can I call their moms?
  4. I’ve always loved trying new things, which is how I got into snowboarding, kickboxing, SCUBA diving and swing dancing.
  5. When I was in the 6th grade, I had a huge crush on Ricky Shroeder. I actually wrote a letter and mailed it to his fan club. It is the one and only time I ever mailed a fan letter. Never heard back.
  6. I holler at the squirrels in my plum tree during the summer time – yes, I actually do – and lob the ruined plums they have so carelessly discarded right back at them. It doesn’t help. They keep ruining the plums so we don’t get any, but it makes me feel better. Besides, none of my “lobs” ever make contact. It makes me wonder what kind of an old lady I’m going to make, though.
  7. When I shower and dry off, my OCD-ness kicks in. I have to follow a particular order of operations or I totally throw myself off and forget to wash my hair or something like that.
  8. I have coined the phrase “Efficiency of motion”, which is simply more evidence of my OCD-ness. It’s my personal challenge to use only productive motion, no wasted motion, when needing to accomplish something quickly. Before I move, I think through what needs to be accomplished, consider each and every motion, prioritize for maximum efficiency, and go. Scary, right?
  9. Oftentimes, I have the strongest desire to go room by room and really straighten and clean, but then I get over it and just do my usual cleaning. Maybe one day…
  10. There are some movies I could watch over and over again (Independence Day, Day After Tomorrow, Jurassic Park) – I’m not proud.
  11. I had less fear as a child and tried many things that cost my parents aggravation, worry and medical bills – back flip off the end of my bed (just barely pulled it around), handstands on the fireplace (stitches in my forehead), a Chinese split leap over construction materials, glass tiles, and didn’t pull it off so well (sixteen stitches up the side of my leg), an accident on the balance beam (stress fracture to a vertebrae), and many other things that just hurt, period. Whew. And I managed to live through childhood.
  12. I crave chili cheese fries from Top’s Junior, but I know that if I go buy some, my stomach will burn for the rest of the day.
  13. I used to pretend I was doing my work in class (high school) but I was usually writing a story in my notebook.
  14. I love watching really bad reality TV clips on The Soup.

What about you? What are some of your quirks? Leave a comment!

***As a side note, I have no idea why I can’t get my Goodreads App to actually reflect my books. These are not books I have selected. Hmmm. Still trying to solve the problem.


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I'm writing spicy sci-fi, paranormal kind of fantasy romance novels. My first book in the Dreamwalker series is called Quicksilver Dreams. Check me out if you're looking for a fun, sexy read.

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  1. Wow, my life is pretty boring in comparison! Here is my short list:

    1) I love to vacuum- only quiet time I get 🙂
    2) Totally with you on the tank of gas. I love to drive (manual transmission only please).
    3) I am addicted to dark chocolate. The darker the better! (even better with red wine)
    4) I am obsessed with travel. I have been to all 50 states, Canada, and Europe. I have family in Europe, so that is a favorite destination.
    5) With you on #10, but add The Great Race and Pride and Prejudice

    Congrats on the release!

    • Hi Alanna!
      So glad you like my blogs! I’m with you on the dark chocolate and wine. (-; not so much with the vacuuming… Definitely want to travel more! I need to become independently wealthy, though, first.

  2. Hi Danube

    1) I do the hood happy dance when I have a full tank, a wad of cash, and a clean car. The birds around my home decorate my white Ford every chance they get.

    I’ll buy new clothes before I’m forced to iron. I had a cleaning customer who had me ironing her King size sheets. I’d daydream about accidently scorning them…

    6) My grandmother hung pie tins in her fruit trees to scare away birds and other critters. She with your local feed store and see what they suggest. I heard squirrel brains are rather tasty.

    I can’t stand having stuff on my floors. Shoes, clothes, etc. It drives me crazy. My ex used to drop his clothes on his side of the bed and I’d have to walk by on my way to the bathroom. Once I stepped on his belt buckle and go jabbed in the foot. I flicked on the lights, grabbed his jeans and beat him with them while bleeding all over the bedroom carpet. The next weekend we switched sides.

    Looking forward to reading Quicksilver Dreams.

    • Hi Kathy!

      Your random facts are great! Maybe hanging the pie tins would be a more dignified way to get rid of the critters in my plum tree, rather than putting on a show for the neighbors. (-; Then I don’t have to be worried that I’ll be that old lady that screams at kids to get off her lawn. Isn’t a full tank of gas somehow satisfying? And the ex definitely deserved to be beat with his own clothes, especially because of the blood…aren’t you a bad*ss. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi Danube

    1. I have to clean my teeth and walk the dog first thing in the morning before anything else.
    2. I am pedantic to the point of ‘get a life’.
    3. I would sooner read the book than watch the movie.
    4. I adore golden retrievers and always will.
    5. I live by the Yorkshire coast in England.
    6. My ambition is to own an infinity pool.

    • Hey! So glad you could stop by!

      I love technology. Sometimes I feel like a wide-eyed girl when I see that I can communicate with someone so far away, instantly. (I’m in Southern California.) I know it’s silly, right? Your random facts are awesome. How are you pedantic? And I totally agree with you on the whole book vs. movie, which is why I am nearly always disappointed by the movie. People and their quirks are just fascinating to me. I have to make a big cup of coffee in a travel mug in the morning and get some good chocolate creamer in there, even though I know I won’t have more than a few sips because I get to work and get busy. How funny that you have to clean your teeth and walk the dog first. It would just feel wrong to do something different, wouldn’t it?
      Have a great week! Give your dog a nice pat on the head for me. (-;

  4. I’m OCD about efficiency, too, ever since I read “Cheaper by the Dozen” as a kid. (The father was an efficiency expert). At least I think that’s the book! Hah, that was a long time ago!

  5. This is fun!!
    1. I wasn’t so brave as a kid but stupid enough to follow brothers, cousins and neighbor kids into too many adventures that should have left me marked but luckily didn’t…much.
    2. I always wanted to have a crush on someone famous but just couldn’t feel it. I never really had one of those heart wrenching crushes on anyone and always felt very cheated.
    3. I don’t really care for driving and can’t wait for those cars that drive themselves. However, I find it very strange that I don’t mind driving late at night. I almost like it.
    4. I have a deep desire to be very organized but can never pull it off very well.
    5. At heart, I’m a procrastinator. I know I should work on that, and I will, later.
    6. My mom liked to take me with her nearly everywhere she went. I guess I was a sort of companion for her. But I loved hearing family stories when she visited the older generations. Our family wasn’t very secretive about the scandals. I think they forgot I was around because I was very quiet and didn’t talked. I got over that!
    7. Speaking of talking, I used to embarrass my poor daughter to death because I can strike up a conversation anywhere – stores, restaurants, checkout lines. Now she does it and I have to laugh.
    7. I hate any form of housework.
    8. I have always loved the smell of libraries.
    9. I love gardens and gardening.
    10. I relax by painting. Just little things like Christmas tree bulbs and wooden eggs.
    11. I hate shopping. Any kind of shopping, (bookstores don’t count). I can’t remember the last time I went to a mall.
    12. I too have movies I can watch again and again. Mostly older ones.

    • Hi Jules!
      You are so open and friendly with everyone, it’s head to believe you were shy or quiet as a child! (-; I’m with you on the housework, but not so much with the gardening. I am often so self-contained, I drive my hubby crazy. He would like me to come out of my head more, so I don’t tend to chat with anyone in public. It’s fun to see how different we all are!

  6. Hi Alina!
    So glad you could drop by. Aren’t we all just a bit OCD? It helps make the world go round.

  7. dianebenefielromwriter

    Good blog idea, Danube! So here goes:
    1. I love gardening but I’m not very good at it. I just plant the veggies, give a little water, and hope for the best.
    2. I, too, like the books more than the movies. The Harry Potter books were so AMAZING and I was disappointed by the movies. The big exception was the Lord of the Rings trilogy which did the books justice. Besides, Aragorn was just plain yummy.
    3. I don’t mind washing dishes or doing laundry but I hate cleaning bathrooms or dusting. I try to assign those chores to the kids. Doesn’t always work.
    4. I get a thrill watching the screen on my dashboard that tells me the average fuel consumption for my car. It’s real exciting when it gets over 45 mpg.
    5. Like Jules, I didn’t get any movie star crushes when I was young. My biggest secret crush was when I was in an exchange program to Sweden. I was sixteen and my host brother was twenty-four and so dang cute.
    6. I respond to blogs when I’m trying to avoid writing. I just finished a pivotal scene and am having a hard time figuring out where to go next, then I saw this blog post and just had to write something…

    • Hi Diane!
      I’m glad I can provide a vehicle by which to help you procrastinate. I, too, am sort of dragging my feet. I’ve got to get going on book #3! Started writing it today, and love what I’ve done, but it’s hard to dive in because a) I know I will be completely submerged for months and 2) I still have another round of line edits followed by copy edits that are going to yank me back to the present.
      Love that you check your gas gauge. Do you have a hybrid? My hubby does, and I have to admit that it gets very exciting when it feels like we’re using virtually no gas – kind of like – sticking it to “the man” (-; The Lord of the Rings was a great movie adaptation, but what in the world are they doing with The Hobbit? How was this simple book split into three full length movies? Methinks some liberties are being taken? Still, they’ve been fun, and my kids have enjoyed them.

  8. Love the post and love all the comments! You always write the most comment-worthy blogs, Danube!

  9. Thanks, Libby! I’m not frequent, so I really try to make them count. (-; darn that thing I do all day – work.

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